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Carter & Kingsley: Grow Your Company Revenue - Measurably

We Do Whatever It Takes to Grow Your Revenue With Fast, 'No Fuss' & Measurable Systems

PROBLEM: 91% of all companies are underperforming and could be doing better.

They simply aren't maximising their gains (proof).

This happens because most people simply don't know how to sustain growth. They don't know how to scientifically attract more business when it's needed.

Even fewer people know how to increase revenue with predictable systems which can be measured. This is what proper marketing is about.

Yet most marketing executives have no idea how this is done.

A Common Mistake

Is your marketing all about you and your product? Does your marketing shout your company name and try to make you look amazing?

You might have seen ads like:

"Hey stranger who doesn't know us at all! We created this product. It does X, Y and Z, and it's awesome. You should buy it right away because it's so cool! We'll even give you a discount - so come on down today because we're the best!"

That's a big mistake.

This is why certain companies always have to chase customers. It's a great example of an underperforming business with useless ads.

But There's More...

  • How do you attract buyers instead of chasing them?
  • How do you beat the competition so that buyers always come to you first?
  • Are you seen as an authority in your marketplace?
  • Do you build customer loyalty on purpose?
  • How do you get your prospects to buy from you quickly?

All of this can be done for you with tested systems.

Persuading and Influencing Your Buyers

If you don't understand how and what your buyers are thinking then you can't make sales.

Do you know the psychological triggers that make people buy? This is used to sell to people. Would you like to be able to persuade your prospects at all times? That will also help improve revenue.

You can also influence your prospects ethically by showing them your expertise at just the right time. Are you doing this systematically in your company?

Do you understand the thinking behind a prospect looking for a solution? If you do they will automatically give you money.

There's a lot more to building continual revenue then just traditional marketing. And if you understand it, you can use it to grow revenue - measurably.

Methods Used To Grow Your Company Revenue:

  • Uncovering and removing 'friction points' which are stopping people from completing your sales process (this grows your revenue quickly)

  • Finding your unknown 'revenue leaks' and removing them - so more people see your sales messages (which increases your sales)

  • Optimising your sales, marketing, and advertising messages with proven, scientifically 'tested and measured' strategies (so you make more sales without extra spending)

  • Optimising your entire sales process and increasing conversion rates in all critical areas of your sales funnel (to generate further revenue without extra spending)

  • Injecting new and easy profit streams into your business (simple methods which can drastically increase your revenue)

This Is What We Help You Do


Our results are strictly measurable. And the best thing is that all of our methods are fast, practical and low cost.


This means you can see results quickly.


Our methods wont harm any existing process or relationships, so they are safe to use. And you wont need huge capital investment to use our strategies.


All you'll see are measurable results.


You can read some of our previous client 'wins', below. You can even copy these methods for your own company. You'll see real results.


If you want to find $25k for your business right away, then click here to see our lost profit finder.

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