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Case Studies by Carter & Kingsley

See Detailed Case Studies Of How We've Grown Our Clients Revenues & Some of The Innovative Methods We Use

It's always nice to see case studies. That way you can see exactly what we could do for your company too.


Below you'll find some detailed case studies of results we've achieved for our clients, in the past. We've presented as much detail as our clients felt comfortable with.

If you'd like to have us grow your company too, contact us today.

How We Used Amazon To Double A Clients Business By 164%

This is a case study of a recent client who had some strict guidelines. This made improving their business very difficult. But we're glad to say a method was finally found and the client was really happy! Read this article to learn the full details...

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Steal This: 114% Boost In Sales With A 'Sneaky Decoy' Split Test

We learnt a seriously powerful business growth method from a world famous professor and leader in the field of psychology. You can actually use it to influence people! So we took that technique and used it to boost sales for a client of mine. Read this article to learn the exact details of how we improved sales by 114% - all for FREE.

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See How We Made Refunds Profitable For One Online Education Company

A client had a higher refund rate than we would have liked to see. Here's how we quickly made those refunds profitable before we worked on reducing the overall refund rate.

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Watch How This Awesome Envelope 'Split Test' Actually Boosted Response By 53%

Did you know you could improve the conversions of a mail shot without even touching the sales letter? Some might say this was impossible. See exactly how this was done here, step by step.

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