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Care & Give Back Program

We're Very Passionate About The Education of Our Future Generations.

Did you know that a portion of every penny that comes into Carter & Kingsley is donated to help charities with their fundraising? We also help to drive the 'give back' movement. Once we've increased profits for a company, we encourage them to 'pay it forward' and share a small amount of their new found profits to their own good causes.

This way we can keep increasing the overall amount we are all adding to keep good causes moving forward, one company at a time.

Here's some information on just two projects where we've been able to give back.

Charity: Shine Reading Academy -

Shine is a small charity that works really hard to help and educate vulnerable children in Africa. They set up free schools where the children can attend, and break free of a potential lifetime cycle of poverty.

Centre: Vineet, the founder, with children of the Shine Academy.

We were very fortunate to meet Vineet, the founder of this amazing charity. We got to know him personally and he's as dedicated as they come.

As well as making sure that every donated penny reaches the children, he regularly takes trips out to Africa with his own money, and helps out at the schools whilst also raising his young family in the UK.

We help Shine by giving donations, organising volunteers for sponsored events and also donating our time to help them maximise their donations, by optimising their advertising efforts.

If you'd like to know more about Shine, please get in touch.


Community Project: The 'Smarter in Business' Initiative

This is our own personal 'non profit' project to help children and young adults become a driving force in the business arena. We'd like to raise smarter 'can do' young business people who are better equipped to succeed in business.

Many times, young people don't have the confidence and belief that they can be successful in business. From our experience business success is something that is available to anyone who is willing to learn and work smart. We aim to teach them how to do this.

We'd like to help young people become self starters who are motivated and driven to succeed. Having the right knowledge, developing the right mindset and having the will to win can all be learned. We create the education for this. It's a natural arc from what we do for bigger clients, and works because we love to see people succeed.

This is a long term project we're dedicated to here, at Carter & Kingsley. If you'd like to know more information or are interested in helping this mission, contact us.