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Marketing - Why Is It So Important To Business Success?

Good Marketing Helps To Drive Customers Continually. It Stabilises Any Business. But Most Companies Don't Have Good Marketing...

A company can always attract a stream of the right customers if it has good marketing. So in order to have a successful business, you need to understand good marketing.

But good marketing is not what most people think it is. Flashy ads that shout your company name out, is not good marketing. And just because your company is profitable, doesn't mean you have good marketing either.

All good marketing has one thing in common - it's based around a measured system. This means you have it tuned so that it brings in a predictable number of customers every time you run the system. And of course, your system must run at a profit.

So when you spend $1 on your marketing, it should bring back $2. Then you use that as a basis for growth.

Without good marketing, there are no customers for a business, and nobody gets paid. So everything else that you do becomes useless. A successful business always starts with good marketing.

What Is Good Marketing?

Marketing is sales, advertising and customer acquisition. It's a subtle blend of Psychology and Mathematics. It is literally the science of customer attraction.

Good marketing will tell your customers:

  • Why they should listen to you.
  • Why they should believe what you tell them.
  • The reason they should do something about what you're offering them.
  • Exactly why they should take action right now instead of later.

To understand marketing fully, you need to understand the psychology of buying and how it applies to sales. Many full time marketing professionals don't understand this at all.

Good marketing is the fuel and drive of every business. Most people are confused about this.

You're Already In The Marketing Business

If you're in business, you're in the marketing business, yet you may not even know it. The end product/service is simply what you deliver. But make no mistake - marketing is what drives your business forward and allows you to deliver your service or product. Without marketing there is no revenue.

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two– basic functions: marketing and innovation.

Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

- Peter Drucker, Management Consultant & Corporate Thinker

So you should be passionate about marketing and try and master it. But most people don't do this because they're too busy within their business.

Even more confusing however, is that most people don't want to get involved with the details of good marketing. They prefer to spend their time elsewhere. This is why we're often called in to design, develop and build a better marketing system. Fortunately, we love marketing.

All successful companies have good marketing at the core of their business. Even historically, you might think big companies like Microsoft and Apple started as software companies. But they actually spent a lot of their time raising money and selling their products. Both of which are marketing processes.

Even today, look at any successful company you like, and you'll see that it is really a marketing business which delivers a product/service.

What Does Marketing Involve?

Marketing involves a finely balanced mixture of mathematics, psychology, and communications. You need to understand the conscious and unconscious motivation and minds of your buyers, and be able to influence them on purpose.

We need to know more about what drives their behaviours then they do. Then we need to apply that as an interesting commentary/demonstration.

Marketing involves problem solving, making theories about prospects and buying patterns. We have to look across a whole spectrum of people of all ages, demographics and varying frames of reference.

It's a lot like being a business detective. To have good marketing you need to be able to do all of this and solve those problems. We find it a very rewarding and fascinating process.

Instead, business owners are usually very busy dealing with staff, going to meetings, creating documents on the computer etc. So they just don't have the time to focus on the marketing.

When you spend $1 on your marketing, it should bring back $2.

Then you use that as a basis for growth.

But the problem is that, if you're not doing any of this in your business then you're missing out on a big opportunity. With good marketing, you can take your business from an ordinary business into a highly profitable organisation.

Companies get to the next level with good, sophisticated marketing systems. This is what we can build for you.

Marketing Holds All The Leverage

There is no other place in your business where you can make a tiny change but see big increases in your revenue. Marketing is the only place that can be done.

In fact, we've managed to boost sales by 53% without even touching the sales letter.

This means that good solid marketing can make your time more valuable. You can better monetise your time and talents. You can also free yourself from getting new customers with manual, repetitive labour.

An Example:

A client once franchised his dental practice with 1:1 meetings that he would run. After working with us, we switched him to selling multiple prospects with an online webinar. That brought the prospects to a small seminar where the dentist sold multiple franchises in one evening.

We also had another client who used to sell weight loss packages on a 1:1 basis. Each package sold had a $7k lifetime value. We moved him to selling the same package via an information based seminar using the
'Buy Now triangle' method.

Out of 30 people who attended, he managed to sell 9 packages, totalling an extra $63k in value added to his practice in a single evening.

If he wasn't using a smarter marketing approach, he would be selling these sessions on a 1:1 basis. To sell 9 packages would have usually taken him 46 - 53 individual sessions.

That is How Good & Smart Marketing Works

We hope you can see the power of good marketing now. It lets you put prospects in touch with your business with automation. This lets you break the link between time and marketing, and gives you lots of leverage over your time time.

This is how we're often able to reduce business owners hours yet still generate more revenue.

If you want to see how good marketing will stop your company from losing unnecessary revenue, then have a look at this 'Lost Profit' Finder: Diagnostic Session today.