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12 Reasons Why You Should Work With Us

Here Are Some Of The Main Benefits You'll Experience While Working With Us:

When you become our client, you genuinely are under our care and protection. We provide honest guidance that will make a measurable difference to your bottom line. We lay it all out and give you our expert opinion. We'll even be so brazen and tell you no (as long as it's the truth) where others may not.

But more importantly, we get you bottom line 'results based' and measureable outcomes. We think everyone should be held accountable for their work. We get you results when you need them.

Let's be honest. If you're looking for someone who can come in and be a generalist, feel good, fuzzy marketing company - we are NOT that company. Sorry...

We're also not afraid to be honest - we don't perform every service you need. We don't advise on boardroom mediation or mergers and acquisitions. And we don't pretend to know everything either.

But when it comes to measurable company growth (yes, measurable in terms of revenue and profits) -  we are most definitely experts.

We cut through the ridiculous flashy ads which many companies use, that scream:

'This is our company name, here are our prices (even though you don't know, like or trust us, yet)'.

That's done by companies today who are all missing out on a boat load of extra revenue by using such sloppy, lazy methods.

You don't need another industry consultancy to work with (they're a dime a dozen). You need an expert who has worked across multiple industries. You should work with someone who has figured out the essentials of measurable company growth and turned it into a predictable system.

That's us.

We focus on the optimisation of multiple processes across your business. This means as long as you take our advice, we'll proudly take responsibility for our results. We get you growth in your company and happily show you exactly how we made it happen.

We expect to look you in the eye and have you agree that we measurably grew your revenue.

This is why our clients come to us.

Here Are Some of The Reasons You Should Work With Us Too.

  1. You'll see a predictable and measurable, growth in profits.

    You shouldn't get caught up in the common mistake of loud, flashy and vague marketing. Don't mindlessly shove your company name in the face of your prospects, and then expect them to buy. That's old school. Even performance marketing alone can only take you so far.

    Today you need a measured, smarter and more sophisticated, approach. Then you can attract far more qualified prospects to your business. When you turn our system on, your company profits will grow, measurably. You can see step by step case studies here.
  2. You should work with leading innovators who know what they're doing (we often see others copying the things we create).

    You should have access to new profit growth strategies when they are still new. That's how you become (and stay) a leader in your field. But it's not easy to be innovative. It takes a dedicated team to constantly research, build, test assumptions, model the results and formulate it all into a working system.

    We're the first company working in the field of 'profit advice'. We created and developed the category because we recognised a gap in the market.

    No one else had ever provided measurable business growth like this before. We combine sales, marketing, advertising, conversion rate and profit optimisation, process improvement and maximising operating efficiency (with additional improvements as well as removal of friction points) - to give you results that have never been seen before.

    As creators of the category of 'profit advice', we're proud to lead the field and keep innovating to stay ahead. When you work with us, you'll literally be working with the leaders in the field, so you get the best advice from the originators of the methods.
  3. You get original, bespoke solutions especially created for your individual company.

    You deserve a profit growth solution 100% made for you - and no one else.

    A patient never seeks a medical expert and says 'I need a new heart, thanks doc!'. And the doctor will never prescribe anything without doing their homework first either.

    Business growth is the same. To start with, we won't know anything about your business. So we always start by asking questions and running diagnostics to see where you're at. Often times, we've been told that even our initial questions actually provided many insights. Then we start with a fresh drawing board and see where improvements can be made - specifically in your business.

    This is how we're able to get make big leaps quickly. Others, like practice management consultants, may only make smaller gains because they simply use the same methods in every practice.

    NOTE: This can be used as a test: If anyone gives you business growth advice without knowing your business first, DO NOT HIRE THEM! It's impossible to give good profit advice without knowing your business first.
  4. You'll have leading, publicly recognised experts from high end business publications, looking after your company.

    Forbes ran a feature on us and included a picture too. Inc. magazine asked us to contribute a case study towards the 'owners manual' section of their site. Publishing editor, Kathryn Aragon (from leading industry site Crazyegg) invited us to expand a case study. She described our work as a 'fascinating way to drive customer choice'.

    Our work has also been featured on the GrowthHackers website.

    We were invited to speak to industry leader, KISSmetrics. We told them that we had a better way to run split tests then their writers were advising. They asked us to do better, and if we could they would publish our work. We did do better. And they did publish our proprietary method (titled: The Strategic Approach to Split Testing). This is a site who requires an application and has a waiting list of writers trying to get their work publicised there - yet we were invited to share with them (by the owner of the company).

    You'll also have business growth expert and author of two business books, Michael Maven working on your account. You'll get the benefit of his knowledge and experience applied to growing your company specifically. You can't get this anywhere else.

    The leading authority: The author of two business growth books
    will be working on growing your company, when you
    join us as a client.

    We're even invited to come and teach our profit advice methodology, and show how we grow businesses:

    Invited experts: We're often asked to teach our unique
    business growth strategies (Michael Maven on stage).

    We're recognised industry leaders. We work to provide the best results. You should work with a dedicated team like this.

  5. You get access to specific business growth technology and intellectual property that no one else has access to (we know because we invented them).

    To stay ahead of your competition, you should have a significant strategic advantage over them. You get that by using systems which your competition can't access.

    Over the last 14 years in the marketing, sales and advertising space, we've developed several proprietary business systems. These are mainly methods for systemising lead generation, customer acquisition (and retention), sales growth and optimising revenue too.

    Today, you can use these methods to measurably increase business revenue too. If you correctly use any of these strategies within your business, you will see profits increase.

    Remember, these are 'results driven' systems - with a directly measurable ROI for measurable sales growth. They deliver specific results.

    Some of our intellectual property includes:

    • Premium SafetyWin Model ® (beat your competitors results without any risk)
    • The Paleo Marketing Structure™ (using mental buying patterns to increase sales)
    SplitGen Process (a 'top 1%' split test generator)
    • The Clockwork Blueprint (turn your sales into a predictable system like 'clockwork')
    • Conversion Mastery Method (maximise conversion rates across multiple levers)
  6. You get access to the best minds in business - with tried and tested proven results.

    Would you like to have the latest business growth strategies put to work in your business? We hope so.

    We stay on top of fresh business growth strategies by being part of a high level 'insiders' private mastermind group. Other members include some of the smartest people in the business world. Our entire mastermind group is made up of entrepreneurs who actively run real multi million dollar companies. They're all focussed on measurable business growth and we all actively help each other get over business hurdles. We also share the latest strategies and what's working now.

    You get access to this wealth of current knowledge when you become our client.
  7. You'll benefit from multi-industry 'fresh eyes' leading to rapid growth improvements.

    When it comes to best practices, most companies look at their competition and follow what they're doing. There is no innovation. This can only lead to standard improvements across an industry. But 'big leap' breakthroughs always come from outside an industry.

    We work in multiple industries and you'll benefit directly from this. Our methods force us to find high growth potential in your company. Then we introduce low risk, growth systems to your business, from our experience across multiple industries.

    For example, we'll take a yield optimisation process from a pharma manufacturer and use it to maximise corporate investment clients for a bank. Or we'll take a conversion rate best practice from an online health clinic and use it to increase customer numbers for an insurance company website.

    This is how you'll measurably benefit from our multi-industry experience.
  8. You get a trusted team of business owners who have experience in the real world.

    Every member of our team is either an entrepreneur in their own right or has helped to grow a real business with hands on experience. We still own and run our own companies e.g. email customer acquisition company 'Catch And Retain'.

    We're in the trenches and we focus on real life business growth. We're not just armchair theorists like you might find at other companies. So when you work with us you get to work with a real team of business owners who'll bring real life experience and expertise to your company.
  9. You get to work with a team of the best 'hand picked' people in the world.

    When you're working with a team who will grow your company, you should make sure they're the best they can be.

    When we were growing our company we came across physical limitations we didn't like. We often found people who were really good at something but we couldn't work with them because they didn't live near us.

    Today that's changed.

    We worked closely with a super efficient company who took their business to $90m annually - with all team members working remotely. Our new shared technology means that today, we can also work remotely.

    This lets us hire the best people we can find. And they get to happily focus on doing what they do best - growing your business.
  10. You'll work with a dedicated team who put your service before their own potential income.

    We're not a huge conglomerate with 17 offices across the world. And we don't pretend to be. We're proud to offer a personalised profit growth service that produces a measureable difference.

    Like with any bespoke provider, the quality of our work depends on focus. That means we have to limit the number of new clients we allow ourselves to work with. In fact, we only accept a handful of new clients each year. And because we're now featured in major business publications with an international audience, we usually have a waiting list.

    We know this limits our earnings. But it means we can offer an unrivalled level of personalised service with measurable results. We'd rather do that then let the quality of our work suffer.

    You should work with a team like this who is dedicated to providing you with results.
  11. You get to work with a team who'll focus on fast results (because it actually costs you more if you wait longer).

    Unfortunately, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to take control of your lost profit, the more you will lose in business.

    We start by focussing on the things that will get you fast results. This way you can see the effect of our work, quickly. In fact, waiting to speak to us can actually cost you potential lost profits.

    As an example, we have a client who is a medical professional. We showed him how he was losing 30% in potential extra business (then we created a systemised solution for him). He had been in business for 9 years already. The total potential lost profit that his team calculated was approx $1.73m over that 9 year period.

    The true cost is the money you miss out on, due to unrealised lost profits. It’s a hidden cost inside your business. It exists in all business to some degree. You need to minimise it. That's what we help you do. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.
  12. You get the benefit of an expertly trained team who update their learning on a daily basis.

    When new business strategies are uncovered, you should know about them quickly. that way you can make adjustments and reap the rewards too.

    Every member of our team gets access to our $100k library of books, audio and video study programs created by leaders in the business field. We go through segments of these programs on a daily basis to learn new nuggets of information that we can use to grow your business.

    Our team is constantly learning and tend to be a naturally curious bunch. We love learning and have become experts in a range of topics from human psychology (how we're influenced), human motivation (what makes people buy), human psychiatry (understanding how the mind works) to more traditional business topics. This results in a super effective skill set that's needed to grow company profits.

    Did you know? Our old office was once broken into. Luckily not much was taken but the thieves completely overlooked our library and didn't touch it. However, this is one of the most valuable things they had access to! If applied, there's enough information in there to create multiple million dollar companies.

    Today we keep most material in a central digital format. But as a client, you still get the benefit of these strategies put to work in your business, when you work with us.

Here's 3 More Reasons You Should Work With Us:

  1. You get an active competitive advantage installed in your business.

    True business growth comes from profits - not revenue. We help to dial in on profit growth. We do that by discovering and promoting your true competitive advantages. that gives you the entitlement to future growth. Other companies do this by cutting prices and creating mass discounts. But chopping margins is not active competitive advantage and never produces high quality profitable growth.

    You need to constantly focus on improving your competitive advantage. This is what we do for you. If you don't invest and improve your specific competitive position you may lose that position as time goes on. Increasing your competitive advantage is what causes profitable growth. We can do this for you.

  2. Your business will not be disrupted - we're guaranteed to have a low footprint in your company.

    We wont arrive at your company like a tornado and turn it upside down. A team of strange and demanding consultants won't nose through everything and get in the way of your people either.

    We designed our processes and services to be applicable remotely so we can focus on what's important. This means no matter where you are in the world, we can serve you quickly and get you results just as fast. We focus on efficient and measurable improvements in profit - that is all.
  3. You can feel good about doing business with us - we take our social responsibility seriously (and even invite you to get involved if you like).

    When you hire us, a portion of our fee automatically goes towards helping specific educational charities with their fundraising. This is because we think it's important for children to get educated.

    We also help to create and run our own long term project - The 'Smarter in Business' Initiative. This is a drive towards teaching young people to have the confidence and belief that they can be successful in business - no matter what their background is.

    If you'd like to learn more about our 'Care and Give Back Program', there is more information about it here.

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